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21 December 2006 @ 09:02 am
"Your go," Lizzy said, looking over the cards in her hand and on the ground in front of her.

This- as always- bright afternoon found her and Simmons on the roof, "standing guard." For them, this meant playing armor-strip card games in order to drive away the boredom. Lizzy had already lost her helmet, her gloves, and one of her boots to Simmons, but she thought that she was doing pretty well on her own side of things. Yes, just another day in Blood Gulch...
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13 December 2006 @ 11:27 am
He wondered if someone heard the thud of his rucksack hitting the floor. Full of bloodied bandages, empty rations containers, electronics, ammo, anything and everything.

He felt tired, but knew he couldn't just hang up and have time for himself right then. He'd been gone for... how long he didn't know, he had lost track. His helmet was pulled off and he rubbed a hand through his gritty hair. River water lasted for so long in a good wash. After shuffling out into the hallway that lead towards the ladderwell, he took up his stride, clearing his throat and clomping up the stairs. So much he had missed, he knew, but hopefully someone would be there to fill him in, welcome him back, just something...

Not to mention he had a few Blues to chew on, too...

Taking in a deep breath, he swung out into the main flagroom of the base, wincing at the sunlight.

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05 December 2006 @ 12:01 am
Following Simmons down the halls of the base after their conversation, Lizzy had her helmet under one arm and her eyes were taking in everything that could be deemed relevant at a later date.

"So, Simmons, whose room am I taking over?" She turned her attention back to the cyborg and lengthened her strides to keep up with the fast soldier. Not too bad looking. If it wasn't for the metal- and the fact that he's way out here- I could see him breaking hearts left and right. Eh, there must be something about the slightly broken guys that seems attractive to me...
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02 November 2006 @ 09:12 am
Was not expecting to get that talk from him, Simmons quietly tapped into his personal log. Then again, the guy's been around here best part of a year, and I'm still thinking like he's some kinda stranger around here?
He's been here as long as I have, really. It's just an us vs. them thing.

He paused.

Everything ends sometime. I'll be okay. Not like I'm gonna go off on the rebound, given the only other girl I've seen here is Tex, and it's not like I've seen her in a long time either...

A quick save command and he dropped the little device on the table. Eh, maybe there was still one little thing that could help. He started looking through the cupboards.
Someone had to have stashed something somewhere...
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24 October 2006 @ 08:03 pm
No, there were not mounds of cards stashed away in one of Cappy's drawers.

No, they were not BIRTHDAY cards.

No, he did NOT turn 40.



Flowers dug himself deeper into the bed.

[Hahaha, opennnnn. He's alive. And old now. :x]
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12 October 2006 @ 12:34 pm
Sheila sat, almost unmoving, in the Blue comm room. A light flashed on the screen, indicating a newly opened message. It was wrong to read other people's mail, but still...

To: Pvt. Lavernius Tucker
Subject: ILLNESS

Pvt. Tucker,

It has come to our attention that you have not reported a positive progression of health since report was received of your illness. Your new orders are to return to BLUE COMMAND immediately for health treatment.

We are also requesting that you bring with you the entity known as "Sheila" for questioning and repairs.


With a sigh, Sheila rose from the console and went to find Tucker.

((This is it, kids. I'm sorry to say I have to drop this now. It's sad, because I really do enjoy it, but Life is kicking my ass right now. I'm still up for any kind of random RPing, screenname is artemischan242. Sheila and Tucker will be up for grabs here soon, and I'm giving DC the journals to use. I'll miss you guys!))
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02 October 2006 @ 08:00 pm
Church sits on the roof of the base, cleaning his rifle. He wears no armor, as is routine nowadays, instead sporting a dirty issued undershirt, battered BDU pants and weathered jungle boots. The past few months have changed him a lot more than he cares to admit, even causing him to bother making small talk with the people he runs into on base. His attitude is a little light, his jaw's a little softer, he's not as quick to grope for a fight like he used to be. Only took a month the first time... a little longer now... but a man can change.

None of the change is on his face today. If his skin could change color for moods, he'd be nothing but a silhouette. His face is a stone scowl, and there's no hope of conversation to be found in it. His eyes are shining a little more than usual, but he could be cleaning his gun to use it point blank on whoever's unfortunate to ask if he's been crying. A crumpled piece of paper sits next to him, the words across the top line visible, although folded over to hide the rest of it. He's read the letter enough times to recite it by heart, although he only got it yesterday.

Houston Veteran Affairs
Military Hospital Sector 14M
Conditions Notifications Division

ATTN: LEONARD LANDON CHURCH, descendant (UNSC: Active, current status: UNKNOWN)
Re: SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH (USAF: Veteran, current status: DECEASED)

Dear Mr. CHURCH,
We regret to inform you that SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH has passed away at 06:28 hours on September 17, 2557. You are the only recorded family of SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH and have consequently been named the next of kin by the Veteran Affairs Legal Division. We are deeply sorry for your loss, and our sources are readily at your disposal to cope with this life-changing event.

We require instructions referring to the disposal of SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH or requests for family or religious traditions which may be involved with such matters. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving this notification, or we will be forced to dispose of SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH in a sanitary and efficient manner. In 30 days, our database will be updated with the current status, age, condition and location of SHANE DOUGLAS CHURCH.

Contact information for our Conditions Notifications Division and our Checkup and Disposal Division are listed below. Thank you for your time.

Elaine Ahlstrom
Conditions Notification Division Sub-Director
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24 September 2006 @ 11:43 am
Old at being young, young at being old, everything's been sold to others, revolution.

Butch sighed, rubbing his temples. He was sitting at his desk, paper work covering it, along with the laptop he'd brought from leave. There was just too many things to do, too much to catch up on. He'd just finally started doing captain-ish things... which mostly consisted of  the paper work he'd slacked off on before. The captain sighed. His headache was tenfold worse than when he had started, unable to locate his glasses. The room he usually shared was disasterous, clothes and random stuff everywhere, even a couple guns lying around... hopefully with the safety on.

He rubbed the bracelet around his wrist, then began to start on the work again.

[I LIVE. And yes, open!]
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15 September 2006 @ 07:34 pm
Having safely delivered all his cupcakes, Caboose made his way back to blue base unscathed. He navigated the corridors with a deep sense of satisfaction, before finding himself in....

the laundry room.

"Wait a minute... this is not my room." he blinked and shrugged. "Oh well. It is cozy in here." With a cute yawn, Caboose curled up by the dryer and drifted off.

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03 September 2006 @ 01:13 am
Arrival in Blood Gulch in 5.. 4... 3-

Lizzy stepped from the cave into the bright sunlight, then stepped back into shadows to keep from being noticed; her light armor would reflect sunlight so badly that she'd probably call the attention of every idiot in the canyon to her.

Your timing is off, Sil.

Our intel was clearly incorrect. This was not a fault of mine. Lizzy smiled in amusement as she continued to survey the canyon.

Of course it wasn't. Her eyes locked onto the nearest base- one displaying red coloring- and she nearly rolled her eyes. Way to think outside the box. Well, it was a military base and not a personal apartment, after all.

Read that file off to me again, Silly.

There was a pause for a whirring noise, then Epsilon's voice spoke as if reading from something. Target is a freelancer with no name. Armor color is known to be gray or silver. He may be located at the Red base in the Blood Gulch canyon. Approach with extreme caution, as target is dangerous and most definitely armed. One of the former 49-

That's good, Sil, thanks.

You are going to go through with this, then?

If I don't I not only risk blowing my cover, but lose a good deal of money as well. And in case you've forgotten, money is what we need to live.

I haven't forgotten! My memory banks are fine! Epsilon protested and Lizzy smiled. That sounded less like an AI and more like her normal friend. Much better.

"Then let's get this over with before I have to think about it anymore," Lizzy said, speaking aloud for the first time in a day, her voice slightly harsh and her throat dry. Swallowing a few times, she engaged her cloak and quickly ran down into the canyon, pistol at the ready. She'd infiltrate the base, kill her target and get the hell out of here. Her stomach temporarily turned at the thought of killing one of the 49, but she forced herself to believe it was someone she had never had time to really know. Maybe one of the Carolinas, or Michigan. It wasn't Tex, or Vermont. It wasn't Ken or Reggie. And it certainly wasn't York.

If Delta and New York are here-

Deal with it when the time comes, Sil, Lizzy suggested. Don't think about it until then.

Advice noted.

((That was a little long... but it is her first appearance as Massachusetts, so... kinda justified. XD The Ken and Reggie she mentioned are Kentucky and Oregon, respectfully. This is now open for replies from anybody in the Gulch who feels like rping. In case people didn't know, the target she's going for is Connecticut. ^_^ okay, that's all. OPEN!))
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